Elements of robotization and transportation

Robotization of the warehouse will eliminate the influence of the human factor and speed up work. Together with the elements of automation, the work is able to significantly optimize internal logistics.
Elements of robotization and transportation
Industrial robots Industrial robots Industrial robots
  • High speed and accuracy of work
  • Various types of grips are possible
  • Speed ​​- up to 10 cycles / min.
Transport monorail (shuttle) Transport monorail (shuttle) Transport monorail (shuttle)
  • Operation in fully automatic mode
  • Load capacity: up to 1 500 kg depending on the model
  • Possibility of continuous operation
  • Safety systems of the highest category
Pallet and box lifts Pallet and box lifts Pallet and box lifts
  • Automatic systems for transportation and movement, loading/unloading
  • Load capacity: up to 700 kg
  • 24/7 operation mode
  • Safety systems of the highest category
Self-driving warehouse equipment (AGV systems) Self-driving warehouse equipment (AGV systems) Self-driving warehouse equipment (AGV systems)
In trend
  • It increases the density of inventory
  • It eliminates difficult routine
  • It complies with the safety standard EN ISO 3691-4:2000
Weight and size measurement systems Weight and size measurement systems Weight and size measurement systems
  • Automatic determination of weight and dimensions
  • Suitable for all conveyor systems
  • Possibility of integration with WMS
  • The maximum error is 0.01 m and 0.1 kg
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Elements of robotics and transportation

Recently, business players have noticed that the development of the logistics market has changed its focus. If 5-10 years ago everyone was interested in the level of management efficiency, recruitment and training of personnel, now the human factor is increasingly being replaced by technology. Representatives of the logistics business are thinking about full automation, and the situation around the world has led the market to robotize processes. Warehouse Service Kyiv offers solutions for robotization of production and warehousing operations: industrial works, transport monopoly, unmanned warehouse equipment.

Industrial works

The production of industrial robots around the world is growing rapidly. The main leaders in this field are: Japan, China, Switzerland. Industrial works are adapted to different industries and types of warehouses. Industrial work in mechanical engineering has already proven its undeniable advantages:

  • improving the working conditions of staff;
  • increase in productivity of operations;
  • improving the accuracy of the process;
  • implementation of complex processes;
  • modernization of production;
  • exclusion of the human factor;
  • reduction of overhead costs.

Production work is required to perform complex, high-precision and monotonous operations, such as assembly, welding, painting and similar operations. Programming of industrial robots can be done offline and online. For a high level of adaptation to production, programming of welding robots is carried out offline. Robotic welding programming is available to any employee right in the workplace.

Manipulator works in warehouses are designed to carry out operations with small items and goods in boxes and crates. The industrial robot in the warehouse performs the following operations: packaging, unloading, marking, loading and assembly. The robot manipulator is a complex equipment with moving elements and the ability to program for a wide range of operations.

Industrial works are divided into linear, articulated, parallel and SCARA works.

The robot manipulator linear can be used both on production, and a warehouse. These industrial manipulators are characterized by a wide range of operation and have four degrees of freedom. Depending on the tasks set by the customer, the robot manipulator can have a certain number of axes, a given load capacity, speed and accuracy class.

An industrial robot with parallel kinematics or a delta robot structurally consists of three or more functional axes moving parallel to each other. These works are used to perform high-speed and accurate operations in the pharmaceutical, food and electronics industries.

SCARA industrial robots are characterized by compactness and high speed of short-term operations that are constantly repeated. They are most often used to capture and transport small items or to assemble parts in production. The configuration of this manipulator is characterized as the most affordable in financial terms.

Hinged industrial manipulators are the most versatile models, but also difficult to program and expensive. The flexible design of these manipulators allows them to perform operations in a confined space, despite the obstacles that arise.

Each of the presented manipulators has its own nuances and specialists in Warehouse Service will help to understand them.

Transport monocle (shuttle)

Transport monopoly is an effective solution for moving small items, trays, boxes and containers in warehouses with a wide range and high turnover of stocks.

The basis of the transport system is a high-speed shuttle monopoly with a speed of 1 - 3 m / s. The shuttle-monopoly runs on special mono-track routes. The monorail transport system is controlled by electronic panels and the base station by radio. Full automation is achieved with the constant use of shuttle monocoli in warehouses with a large number of fixed routes.

The main advantages of this automated transport system are the optimal use of working space, careful handling of goods, increasing the productivity of logistics processes, integration with WMS.

Buying a transport and loading monorail system, you get competent advice from our specialists and an official guarantee from the manufacturer.

Unmanned Warehouse Equipment (AGV Systems)

Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) systems provide a continuous flow of cargo both in the interaction between the internal elements and in the interaction with man-made technology. To ensure complete safety in the working space, it is necessary to carry out a clear zoning of the pedestrian zone and the zone for unmanned vehicles. Unmanned warehouse equipment is represented by loaders and stackers. Due to the introduction of the AGV system, the efficiency of the warehouse can be increased by 2 - 2.5 times.

The actions of the AGV system are based on the use of software with the ability to machine study and a set of special sensors and controllers. Personnel are still needed, just their work comes down to controlling the drone system.

Unmanned warehouse equipment is indispensable in warehouses or production of products related to the use of hazardous substances and at adverse temperatures. All equipment is under official warranty from the manufacturer and meets the safety standard EN ISO 3691-4: 2000.

You can get advice and purchase the system by contacting Sklad Service managers. Our specialists will individually consider your requests and organize the delivery of equipment to any locality in Ukraine.